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TTcoin is a cryptocurrency that distributes to users thanks to cloud mining and collects the budget to be opened to the stock market thanks to advertising revenues.
TTcoin, whose logo is a wolf cub, shares his team and their projects without hesitation.
With representatives around the world, TTcoin also develops and creates an Environment of Trust.

Token Details

TTcoin (TC) is a TRC20 compliant token created on the Tron (TRX) blockchain network.

Symbol : TC
Max. Reserve : 6,000,000,000
Precision : 4
Blockchain : TRC-20
Creation Date : 24.03.2021
Mining Start Date : 16.06.2021

Who are we ?
As Taner Games & Application, we are a company that designs and distributes games and applications. TTcoin, on the other hand, is our practice and token to benefit our users in the best way possible.

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Google Play Application where you can start earning TTCOIN and provide financial support to be listed on the exchange by purchasing the application.

Coming soon on AppStore

Distribution Plans

What is TTcoin Network?

It is a mobile application designed to earn some TTcoin every 24 hours. Its purpose is to distribute an amount without entering the stock market. You just have to install the application, press the start button and check it every 24 hours.

TTcoin Wallets

After 30 thousand TTcoins, a shooting area will be opened in the wallet section of the application menu. just write your TronLink Pro and Trust Wallet number in this place.

What is the value of TTcoin?

TTcoin, which has agreed with some exchanges now, has no value, you can find out when it will be listed by examining the roadmap.

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