TTcoin is a cryptocurrency that distributes to users thanks to cloud mining and collects the budget to be opened to the stock market thanks to advertising revenues.
TTcoin, whose logo is a wolf cub, shares his team and their projects without hesitation.
With representatives around the world, TTcoin also develops and creates an Environment of Trust.

Token Details

TTcoin (TC) is a TRC20 compliant token created on the Tron (TRX) blockchain network.

Symbol : TC
Max. Reserve : 6,000,000,000
Precision : 4
Blockchain : TRC-20
Creation Date : 24.03.2021
Mining Start Date : 16.06.2021

Who are we ?
As Taner Games & Application, we are a company that designs and distributes games and applications. TTcoin, on the other hand, is our practice and token to benefit our users in the best way possible.

E-mail : team@ttcoin.xyz

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